Shirley Lee Sanford was just a teenager when her father returned home bearing souvenirs from his exotic travels abroad. Her most treasured gift was a luxurious Magic Pearl cream. Young Shirley noticed how the elixir made her skin glow and dreamed of one day creating her own skin care line. Today, Shirley's wish has become reality. She created SBeauty+, a transformative skincare line that contains natural ingredients and results in youthful, dewy skin. With 30 plus years’ experience, Shirley is a Medical Esthetician Practitioner and Certified Organic Skincare Formulator. For its line, SBeauty+ sources from the Amazon rainforest as well as the sea.


SBeauty+ made the luxurious choice to extract freshwater pearl. Pulled from the depths of fertile waters, this pure ingredient is ground into a powder containing nutrients -- calcium, magnesium and zinc -- that are vital to healthy skin. Other benefits include hydration, collagen stimulation and cellular repair. Most miraculous of all, Magic Pearl leaves skin looking luminescent. Just like the cream Shirley's father gifted to her many years ago.